This 1.5 FE replacement school is to be built on a greenfield site as part of a new housing development close to the heart of Devizes as part of a Section 106 Agreement. The possibility of a single storey building was explored as part of the analysis of the site but the narrowness of the site, its orientation and the lack of amenity space, when the schoolwas developed to its maximum size concluded that two storey solution became necessary. The school was therefore designed with extendability in mind by allowing incremental increases in the number of classrooms as pupil numbersrise and funding permits.
Located close to the heart of this new community the school relates to a landscaped public square from which the housing is laid out in a radial pattern. It is intended that the school hall may be used by the community as a self-contained unit when the remainder of the school is closed and secure. The school also has long term aspirations to include a pre-school provision and the potential for a nursery.
The layout of the school has developed as an extendable two storey building along the hard edge of the community square, with a central library resource area acting as the pivotal interface with support accommodation comprising the hall, school kitchen and early years classrooms.

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